Healthy skin, healthier body

Taking care of your skin may impact your health as a whole

Inflammation is a complex process of immunological response, usually raised against pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Inflammation can also be stimulated by damaged and necrotic cells, chemical irritants, and even our microbiota (the population of microorganisms which inhabit our body).

During aging, the chronic stimulation of the immune system results in a state called "inflammaging" [1], in which we observe inflammatory state, even in the absence of the aforementioned stimuli. This state has been associated with several chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (which calls the attention to you, guys) and alzheimer's. 

Therefore, preventing or decreasing such state may be beneficial in the long run.

Interestingly, the skin may be an actionable target in this sense. Skin is the largest organ in our body and gradually deteriorates with aging. The dryness, decrease in stem cell niches, and altered renewal, may lead to small cracks in the skin barrier, leading to inflammation. The thing is - even a small inflammation level in such a large organ may significantly affect organism levels of inflammatory signals.

Good news is that just by taking good care of your skin, you can maintain its barrier and prevent such accumulation of proinflammatory signals. Evidence for this was obtained from a small group of patients who were convinced to simply take good care of their skin by regularly applying skin moisturizers on the body. After a while, scientists were able to observe a significant decline in the inflammation levels of these patients [2]. 

See? Taking care of your skin may bring you even greater rewards than you thought! This lesson goes hand in hand with Oneskin's proposal - to promote wellness and longevity starting with your skin. 

We are aware women usually take better care of their skin, mainly because of the cosmetic advantages in doing so, but guys, keeping your skin healthy and moisturized may also prevent chronic diseases! Give skin products a shot, ok? You will soon realize the advantages of having better treated skin! Also, if you want to know more about us, leave your email in the Newsletter box!

Continue tuning into our blog to get more scientifically proven tips for a healthier and longer life! Soon, you will also be able to access our product line, which will contribute even further to keeping you young while you age. See you in the next post!

- Posted by Juliana Lott de Carvalho. Juliana is one of OneSkin co-founders and a professor at the University of Brasilia. She is completely passionate about stem cell and skin biology, alternative methods for animal experiments and aging. Mother of Fiona, a chubby english bulldog.

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OneSkin Team

OneSkin Team

By being able to reprogram the "code of life", we will create new ways of living, and new ways of growing older. OneSkin is developing solutions to enable people to age better, healthier, and with better quality of life. Our mission is to promote people's access to effective anti-aging products, so they can feel and age at their best.

May 29, 2019

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