How do you see yourself in 10, 20 or 30 years?
How will you feel?
How will you look?

Our Vision

To be the company you can trust to keep you young while you age.

Age Better

By being able to reprogram the "code of life", we will create new ways of living, and new ways of growing older. OneSkin is developing solutions to enable people to age better, healthier, and with better quality of life. Our mission is to promote people's access to effective anti-aging products, so they can feel and age at their best.

Our Process


Screening platform

Production of human skin tissues in vitro


Human skin aging “replication”

In vitro skin aging validation using a DNA-Based age prediction algorithm (skin molecular clock)


Biomarkers for skin aging

Skin molecular clock as a tool to quantify product efficacy

Replicating skin aging with human tissues culture.


30 years old

80 years old


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So why are we creating a blog?

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How Lifestyle Can Affect Skin Health (Part 2)

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How does aging work? (Part 2)

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Our Team

Carolina Oliveira
Chief Executive Officer

Andres Ochoa
Chief Technology Officer

Alessandra Zonari
Chief Scientific Officer

Mariana Boroni
Head of Bioinformatics

Juliana Carvalho
Head of Innovation